Cholesterol Reversal Program

Cholesterol Reversal Program

Your Allopathic Medication May Lower Your Cholesterol Levels... But, Wouldn't You Prefer Someone to Help You Take Active Participation in Your Own Health... So Maybe You Won't Need the Medication Anymore?

SWASTHYA CLINIC & RESEARCH CENTRE treats every patient with an individualized and customized approach. We are not against cholesterol medication at all. We prescribe it ourselves, when needed. But, we like to explore each and every case, to see whether alternatives to cholesterol medication are likely to work. And, very often, they are and they do!

The Benefits of SWASTHYA CLINIC & RESEARCH CENTREs Cholesterol Reversal Program over Other Centers:

• SWASTHYA CLINIC & RESEARCH CENTRE is a world-renowned organization and a pioneer in India for Critical illnesses. It has a high success rate for treating cholesterol naturally.

• SWASTHYA CLINIC & RESEARCH CENTRE assigns a team of medical doctors including Cardiologists, nutritionists, stress management counselors, yoga instructors to every cholesterol patient, and an individualized plan is chalked out.

• We set out clearly defined goals right at the onset, which are realistic and tailored for your specific issues, and explain what needs to be done to achieve these goals

• SWASTHYA CLINIC & RESEARCH CENTRE takes an active participation in your recovery from cholesterol, helping you at every step with diet, exercise, monitoring your health, etc

• While SWASTHYA CLINIC & RESEARCH CENTRE joins hands with you in sharing the responsibility for your health, we teach you and motivate you to become accountable for your own health

How SWASTHYA CLINIC & RESEARCH CENTRE's Cholesterol Reversal Program Works to Reduce Cholesterol?

It involves the following aspects for reversal of high cholesterol and cholesterol management:

Detailed Medical Testing: The severity of cholesterol and the problems associated with it vary from person to person. SWASTHYA CLINIC & RESEARCH CENTRE carries out various medical tests to get a complete perspective of the patient's health and the contributing factors. This includes treadmill test (stress test) and various blood tests. This helps to determine all the areas that need to be tackled while devising the cholesterol treatment program, and the ideal milestones as far as exercise goes.

Getting to the Root Cause of High Cholesterol in the Patient: Our doctors and counselors investigate various aspects that could be contributing to high cholesterol, like life stresses, personality traits, food habits, genetic factors, erratic lifestyle or work schedules, etc. Once the root causes are identified, the individualized cholesterol treatment programme can be formulated according to the individual's requirements.

Specialised Metabolic Panchkarma, Integrative Medication (Optional): Since cholesterol can lead to dangerous complications, you must take all medication prescribed by your doctor. Our Physicians at SWASTHYA CLINIC & RESEARCH CENTRE may also prescribe or oversee your medication. Ayurveda is an ancient Indian natural system of medicine that employs plants and herbs with curative properties. As your cholesterol starts to reduce, you can reduce the dose of your allopathic medication, and eventually even stop it completely. Ayurveda has met with a lot of success in the treatment of high cholesterol.

Nutritional Counseling & Diet Planning: SWASTHYA CLINIC & RESEARCH CENTRE has professional dieticians who are trained and experienced with helping patients with cholesterol management and reversal.

Exercise Planning and Guidance: Remember that only 20% of the body's cholesterol comes from food, so, although diet is extremely important, it must go hand-in-hand with other aspects like exercise. The exercise program set for you will depend on your overall health, resting heart rate, maximum heart rate, etc. It cannot be emphasised enough how important exercise is for treating and reducing cholesterol levels in the body. This is especially true for cardiovascular exercise. Just simple walking at the optimal level for your body shows tremendous results. For heart patients, all exercise is carried out under strict monitoring and professional supervision.

Stress Management Counselling: Cholesterol has a very strong connection with stress. SWASTHYA CLINIC & RESEARCH CENTRE has professional stress management counsellors who are always happy to help patients get a perspective on their problems, so they can deal with the stresses of their lives as well as possible. Stress management should always be an integral part of any cholesterol treatment plan.

SWASTHYA CLINIC & RESEARCH CENTRE's comprehensive approach which tackles every aspect of high cholesterol at its root, has received laurels from patients and the medical community alike for helping so many reduce their cholesterol levels.