Swasthya Clinic

We provide Integrative Treatments with Modern Technologies for critical diseases like Diabetes, Osteoporosis, Obesity, Joint Disorders etc.

  • Swasthya Clinic Integrative Treatments
  • Diabetes Reversal Program

    Diabetes Reversal Program

    Stay one step ahead of your diabetes with our treatment strategies

  • Cholestrol Reversal Treatment

    Cholestrol Reversal Program

    Take active participation in your own health

  • Cardiac Prevention & Rehabilitation Program

    Cardiac Prevention & Rehabilitation Program (CPRP)

    Specially customized and guided programme for you

  • Weight Management Program

    Weight Management Program

    Designed specific to your needs

Disease Reversal Programs

Cholesterol Reversal Program

Cholesterol Reversal Program

SWASTHYA CLINIC is a world-renowned organization and a pioneer in India for critical illnesses with high success rate for treating cholesterol naturally.

Weight Management

Weight Management

SWASTHYA CLINIC & RESEARCH CENTRE's healthy weight management programme is very specific to individual needs.

Modern Ayurveda

We are building bridges between Ayurveda and Modern Science...

Modern Ayurveda

We are committed to deliver well-researched, clinically tried, safe, effective herbal medicine that is accessible to everyone.

Clinical Research

Clinical Research
  • Neutraceutical
  • Cosmeceutical
  • Pharmaceutical

We do Phase II, III & IV clinical trial projects at our Swasthya Clinic & Research Center.